Rupam Das - Profile

20+ years of professional experience in:
- Embedded Systems Software and Firmware.
- Microprocessor-/microcontroller-based and DSP-based Embedded Product development and System software development in
  Telecom, Datacom, Networking, Wireless and Broadband domains.
- Innovation, conceptualization, design, development, delivery and maintenance of several commercially successful
  Telecom and Networking products.
- Training and mentoring co-workers,students and working professionals for skills, knowledge and technology learning.

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My primary expertise is in Embedded Product Visualization, Rapid Prototyping, Design and Development of Wired and Wireless Networking and Telecom products. 

Linux and Embedded Linux based training and development - Boot loader, Kernel customization, Root File System development, Device Driver porting and development, Embedded System & Peripheral Integration using Software, Shell scripts, Embedded Web Server using HTML/JavaScript/CGI

Datacom/Telecom, Wireless and Broadband Networking protocols - V.90 Modem, Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g), Ethernet, PPP, PPPoE, Proprietary protocols 

System software, application software and firmware design and development for Microprocessor and Microcontroller based hardwares

Design and development of PC-Embedded Hardware Interfacing and Diagnostic tool and software (Serial, Parallel, Ethernet interfaces)

Network Architecture design and implementation for Wired, Wired and hybrid networks for home, SOHO and Enterprise customers.

Microcontroller based design and development of Embedded Products (Microchip PIC16F series and NXP 89v51 microcontrollers)

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