Job-oriented C and C++ Training Course  
Total duration - 8 weeks, with 6 hours of lectures and practicals per week.  
Course Instructor - Rupam Das. Total professional experience of over 13 years in Software Development and Training. For more details on profile of trainer, visit http://www.rupamdas.com and http://www.linkedin.com/in/rupamdas


Email: info@rupamdas.com, mailrupam@gmail.com

Mobile: +91 98402 61709

This course has been designed based on first-hand knowledge of IT industry and the skill levels needed by students to find a place in the IT industry as a fresher. This training covers C and C++ at a level that would provide a definite and proven edge in core sector job interviews. The level of programming taught in this course is at par with what fresh engineers work on, after joining their first job.

This course provides ample hands-on and lab sessions to ensure application of knowledge in real-time programming. Extra tutorials are provided for further practice. Clarifications of doubts and difficulties would be available to the students via email for 1 month after the training is completed.
Target audience for the program

This program is targeted at UG Engineering Students in their pre-final and final years, but not limited to them. This program can also be attended by interested students of MCA and PG Engineering streams.
Prerequisites/Knowledge required to attend this program

- Exposure to programming, in any language (not mandatory)
- Login and analysis skills
Areas to be covered in this program

- Basic and Advanced C Programming
- C++ Programming
Teaching Methodology

Lectures immediately followed by practicals and tutorials, for complete understanding and application of the knowledge gained in the lectures. This ensures better retentivity of the concepts and ideas learned during the training. Lecture sessions are partly discussion oriented where typically misunderstood concepts are discussed and rectified. It also enables the students to clarify doubts as the course progresses.

At the end of the training, the trainees will do a mini-project in C or C++, to ensure complete learning of the course.
Basic C  
Foundations of C programming - Header files, Libraries, Compilers, Pre-processor directives  
Coding practices and tips  
Data types, declarations, macros and variables  
Operators, Control Flow, Functions and program structure  
Arrays, strings and pointers  
Input and output handling  
Advanced C  
Structures, unions, bit-fields  
Dynamic Memory Management  
Linked Lists, stacks, queue  
Command-line argument handling  
Stacks and queues  
Program Design Principles  
Basic C++  
Foundations of C++ programming - Header files, Libraries, Compilers, Pre-processor directives  
Data types, declarations and variables  
Operators, Control flow and functions  
Arrays, strings and pointers  
Classes, Friendship and inheritance, Polymorphism